Sound of the moment


Simple tip from preschool. 

Create a sound of the moment table. 

Add photos of things relevant to them. I included popular characters. But why not also photos of teachers, parents and most importantly THEM!

Encourage children and parents to bring in objects from home that begin with that sound! 

Me and Rhiannon added this to the coriddor outside the room to encourage parent partnerships and carrying on learning at home.

A very easy thing to do, but so so effective!

Trip idea: North West      


My and my family went on a day trip to Trentham Gardens on the outskirts of Stoke.

Famous for having a monkey forest, which is extremely good fun also and actually only next door to the gardens. 

But what I really wanted to show you was the barefoot walk we came across. Being the massive kids we are, we got well stuck in!!

This lovely sensory walk takes you through a series of paths which include straw, cobbles, bark, mud, water and much more.

We enjoyed it so much I organised a trip for the following Tuesday to take the children in preschool.

They have an amazing playground, a lake, beautiful gardens. Including a kitchen garden and secret garden. They also have a Maxe and for 2015 they have an enchanting fairy trail. Perfect EYFS playground. I urge you to go and under gives go free!!!

Dinosaur volcano 


It’s  been a while since I’ve made a volcano small world! 
Here is one made from a pile of sand with a tub hidden in the top. 
I then filled it with shampoo, red food colouring and topped it off with lots of shaving foam.


The children loved it and used the play dough rocks to make their own dinosaur footprint fossils!!

Small world : Outdoors



We love these different levelled trays in our preschool outdoor area. Ideal for small world and for creating different sensory worlds! 

Here is an example of a small world space I set up in the garden complete with different types of bugs, different textured bases such as bark, sand and logs. I even added big twigs so they could connect the different levels.

An organised area is an inspiring area!


Doesn’t this just soothe your OCD!!

This picture is taken from our construction area in preschool.
I have found that areas that are…

> Well resourced  (But aren’t  cluttered, there’s a fine fine line)

> Changed frequently

> Cleaned regularly 

> Contain objects of interest

> Well organised (Making sure labels are age appropriate. For example,don’t  write on what it is, if your in a baby room)

> Clearly loved

Then you will find that these areas are played in more, and engage children in the absence of an adult. 

The resources are better respected and they find it easier to tidy up.

You’ll also find if you get all this right it naturally sparks Imagination, inspiration, creativity and lots of language!!!

Simples!!! Isnt this just crying out to make stuff in.
Me and my colleague Rhiannon created this from resources we found during a scrap shop warehouse clearence in Manchester, called grumpy. 

Finger gym: threading


Today’s finger gym activity was simply threading Cheerios onto string and making brackets, watches and necklaces out of them.

Great for developing pincher grip, hand and eye coordination, using scissors and it’s super tasty too!!!

One child even developed the activity by using pipe cleaners to make a delicious sword. To keep them full whilst in battle.



Idea of the day!


This was so much fun and great for those children who are often a struggle to engage with phonics.


Hang up balloons with different letters on and fill a bag with objects.

The children took it in turns to get an object from the bag and then had to pop the ballon which had it’s initial letter sound.

Some of my older children had to spell the name of the object then pop all the correct letter balloons in the right order!

They absolutely loved this and engaged with this more interactive phonics session.

Ice cream sundaes


As soon as the sun begins to shine the children become obsessed with the idea of ice cream.

They love to pretend to sell it in every role play scenario and pretend every stick is a lolly. So I thought we could use this as a trigger for our malleable tray today.

By developing our ice cream sundae station.

Simply paint mixed with shaving foam, different containers, spoons, lolly sticks and ‘sprinkles’ aka glitter.


They mixed the colours and talked about primary and secondary colours.

They pretended to sell them so we talked about money and counted how many scoops everyone could have.

They also used lots of fine motor action to manipulate the shaving foam onto a lolly stick with another lolly stick.

Hours of messy fun!!








Idea of the day!


This is one of my simple mark making activities for the ‘Woddler’ room I’ve been working with.

So this is children aged between 12-24months.

Rolling different textured balls in paint down a hill of paper.

Practicing hand and eye coordination.

Exploring textures and their effects.

Making different marks.

Cause and effect.